Oldtimer emblem badge
Oldtimer emblem badge
Oldtimer emblem badge
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Oldtimer emblem badge

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Oldtimer emblem

Dimension: 9cm x 3cm

Package contains:
1pcs of the emblem
2pcs of the caps
2pcs of the fixing plates

The emblem with the included set is packaged into a classy, old-school wooden box. Great as a gift for the youngtimer/oldtimer car owner.

The emblem design was made in a professional graphics program. Thanks to that we have made every effort to make it perfect. Thanks to the previously made prototypes, the final product has a lifetime warranty.

The whole was made of 100% stainless steel.
The set includes:

One emblem - made of the highest quality 304 stainless steel. To the rear of the emblem, threaded stainless steel wires have been welded.

The overlays are also made of stainless steel and at the very end, they have been painted black matt to prevent them from being visible.
The attached clamping nuts are made of stainless steel, and thanks to special tabs, they simplify the fastening of the emblem on the grill.

As it is a jewelry for your car, the emblem has been grinded and polished to shine and glisten in the blinding rays of the sun.